LA Winter

Dressing for winter in LA has been a tricky thing for me. I find myself complaining about the cold more often than I ever thought I would moving to sunny California. There are mornings where I wake up and have to defrost my car and actually scrape my windshield. I even find myself skating down the steps in heels because of ice I had no idea could exist in SoCal. But eventually the temperature gets up to the mid 50s by the afternoon and I’m shedding cashmere like it’s my job because the sun is just so…. sunny?

To complicate everything, my work wear and blogging wear (aka when I’m sewing and getting dirty in the shop) are completely different. Wearing four inch heels while standing forever is never appealing. So, what to wear?

Layers! 1 cashmere sweater • 2 wool scarf • 3 leather jacket4 jeans5 wool socks6 booties

I also always carry my cashmere beanie with me, nalgene (random), and keep flat shoes in my car along with a change of super loose clothes. Honestly, I feel like you never know when or where you will arrive in LA. There is so much driving and the temperature can drop 30 degrees in a day. I’m so used to having the winter just be cold and knowing I will freeze all day, every day for three to four months. Appealing, I know, but at least I’m mentally prepared enough to not complain. Haha.


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