DIY Inspiration: Louis Vuitton SS 2013

I’m really getting back into sewing now that I’ve been grounded in one location long enough to even buy fabric! It’s amazing and frustrating to start sewing again. It’s a lot like riding a biek or skiing… you remember how… there is still the phase where you’re boosting your confidence enough to really go for it. After being at work all day and being around so many different designs/fashion related things my mind goes crazy on the long commute home thinking up designs and DIY ideas… so many that I really can’t keep track of them all and most certainly wont have time to do all of them.

I think I’m finally ready to take my training wheels off and start getting into some more complicated designs and DIY. Here is my latest inspiration!

The pattern I’m looking to use is Vogue Pattern V8804. Since I won’t be able to match the fabric, I’m thinking of altering the pattern to create my own seam lines where the big checks would be. Instead of creating button holes, I’d cover snaps to create the same sort of effect as the runway piece. The unfortunate thing is that I couldn’t find the pattern at my local fabric store… so I picked up a different pattern and have totally be distracted. I can’t wait to do this DIY. It just means I will have to get churning on my current project!

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