Oversized Yolk Tee

Oversized tops are definitely one of my favorite things of late. Actually, just a great tee. I love a shirt that I can put on with some pants or a skirt, find an accessory to match and just get out the door. This shirt is pretty much that. It’s a super stretchy jersey shirt that I’d eventually love to make out of a silk blend jersey. Mmmm, luxurious, oversized slouch.

This top was relatively quick to sew except for the fact I cut a hole in the sleeve clipping threads just as I had finished the piece! Disaster, but I darned and patched the knit with a triangle. I love triangles. You’ll also be proud that I resisted the urge to make this piece out of black or some shade of grey which is always my natural instinct!

Oh yes, I look exhausted in this photo AGAIN. Just go with it.

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